Izzy - Age 3

If not for your smile and your laugh and your heart, This place we call home would be minus a part. –
Nancy Tillman

Evan - Age 6

Once upon a time I became yours and you became mine, we will stay together through the tears and the laughter because that’s what they call, happily ever after

Kathleen - Age 21

One day, we won’t need to talk about inclusion, diversity, representation, and we’ll just live our lives. Until then…

Evan - Age 6

And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.

Claire - Age 42

The rarest of the rare, I’m an inspirational woman called Claire.

Welcome to Making Chromosomes Count

To showcase to the world the fascinating kaleidoscope that is Down syndrome, as well as its community.

Our 2021 Ambassadors

  • Vibrant look, vibrant content.

    Don’t Screen Us Out (Twitter)
  • I’m so proud to be on the front cover! So happy! Congratulations!

    Kathleen Humberstone (Twitter)
  • Congratulations on the launch and best wishes for success in the future. I’m so happy that my novel 3 Seats from the Hero could be part of what I hope brings people important information as well as joy.

    Matt Wixon (Twitter)
  • So immensely proud of this passionate team of volunteers who put it together! One of the top 10 things I’m most proud of in my life!

    Denise Humberstone (Twitter)
  • We are beyond excited to be featured in the launch of #MCCMagazine. Congratulations @ChromosomesNews you’ve well and truly nailed it! Great vision – great read!

    Electric Umbrella (Twitter)
  • Congratulations – looks fantastic! Proud that artists Amy Ellison and Dominic Bennett feature in the first edition.

    Venture Arts (Twitter)
  • I received my copy yesterday and absolutely loved it! Such a fantastic, informative, well put-together magazine. Really honoured to be a part of it.

    Joseph Elliot (Twitter)
  • Thrilled to be in issue one of Making Chromosomes Count magazine. A big thank you to the editors for letting me talk about my book Sisters of Arden that features a girl with Down Syndrome in Tudor England.

    Judith Arnopp (Twitter)

We are excited to launch the Down syndrome community magazine, comprising of organisations and voices from within the heart of the Down syndrome community.

Our content will range from news, lifestyle and informative articles to stories that make you laugh, cry or become outraged.

This vision has been made possible thanks to a fabulous, passionate, eclectic, and international team of researchers, proof readers, editors, contributors and other wonderful individuals who keep volunteering time they haven’t really got, in order to produce this medium and raise awareness. 

This magazine provides valuable resources to the Down syndrome community, filtering into the wider community whilst representing every voice through real lived experiences. Providing information and support for professionals, new and expectant parents, existing parents, family members, and friends.

To showcase to the world the fascinating kaleidoscope that is Down syndrome and its community. 

Making Chromosomes Count will support, educate and advertise important messages whilst meeting individual needs by co-promoting from the heart of the Down syndrome community.” says Stacey Byrne, Co Founder, Making Chromosomes Count.  “One of our most important priorities with our magazine is to provide news and information by amplifying voices and providing a platform to express it.”



The team @ MCC Thanks You



Our Sharing Positive Support sessions are a structured environment to explore why behaviours might be happening and to come up with strategies as a group. Please join us next Thursday 22 April | 10.30am – 12.00pm | Click here to register https://t.co/k5pIZU2Ek0
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