Mallory SnellenNorth Carolina, United States
Mallory Snellen is a 31 year old woman living an incredible life with her sister, brother in-law, and nieces in North Carolina.
Mallory and her sister, Tiffany, began creating jewellery as a means of providing a small income for Mallory after having difficulty finding a place for her to work after graduating from high school. The sisters lost their mother to breast cancer earlier that year.
Although Mallory enjoys working in the business named after her, she’s most widely known for her TikTok’s that follow her everyday life with her sister and, most recently, her boyfriend, Stephen! The pair met on a speed date at A Special Blend Coffee Shop in Greensboro, NC, where Stephen also happens to work.
At 555,000 followers and counting, Mallory enjoys sharing her fashion, dating life, work life, and even a Cheeto or two with her friends! She is a brand ambassador for a small size-inclusive boutique based out of AL (Sweet Sassy Molassy) and was also recently invited to become an Easter Seals ambassador, as well!
Mallory and Tiffany’s mission is to change the stigma unfairly placed on people with Down Syndrome. By sharing the details of her life, Mallory hopes to become a positive influence on others living with different abilities as well as their families as they look to the future for signs of hope.
TikTok: @mallorypaigedesigns



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