Maisie ColhounLondonderry, Northern Ireland

Maisie had a dramatic start to life. She arrived with a bang literally. She was ventilated straight away at birth and taken from delivery suite to Neo natal intensive care unit in Altnagelvin Hospital. She had a large VSD and secondary ASD and PDA and pulmonary hypertension they also thought she had Down syndrome.

Roll on to 18 weeks old and our little boss had open heart surgery at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. We arrived there by air ambulance from Northern Ireland and it was the first time we heard her cry.

She was and still is the cutest boss of the house. She had the cutest crossed eyes when concentrating and can do poses a yoga teacher or contortionist would be proud of due to her extreme hypermobility. She can literally turn her feet the other way around (no joke she has nearly caused accidents people watching her instead of driving).

Maisie has worked so hard at sitting at after 2 years and starting to walk at 7 years. She rules the house and is a sassy, rascal and mischief but she has her moments always keeping us on our toes.

We have a Facebook page, Makaton, Maisie & Me, so friends, family and the community can see how Makaton is amazing and so essential to our lives and how Maisie communicates as she is non verbal.

Nothing fazes Maisie, she loves with all her heart and soul. She loves to dance, see friends on zoom and enjoy life, she worries about nothing.

Maisie goes to a brilliant SEN school who love her and treat her like a celeb, it really is a second family.

Before covid19 we were out all the time at different groups and activities. Nothing will stop our girl achieving, we celebrate each milestone with gusto and enjoy them all the better cause we get time too.

Down syndrome is in every part of Maisie, and we are so incredibly proud of her and who she is.

Maisie has been part of an amazing book with Wouldn’t Change A Thing for expectant parents and other projects online and one on ITV.

Life is her oyster – we’ve even started a TikTok page.

We are beyond excited to be an MCC Ambassador and proud that Maisie is who she is meant to be – herself! x


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