Lucas Robert Charlie BellamyNottingham, England

Lucas Robert Charlie Bellamy was born on the night of the 5th April 2020.

He lives at home in Nottingham with mum Kerry, dad Scott, big sister Robyn 7, big brother Harry 4 and our 3 cats, Bella, Coco and Leo.

Lucas was diagnosed with Down syndrome at 10 days old.  He had a rough first few days when he was born, he had a stroke at just 4 days old.

Lucas has completed our family and we would never look back!

He is always full of cheeky smiles and just lights the room up with them, I always call him my little emoji face, he looks just like the big cheesy grin emoji.

Lucas loves everything sensory and music, his favourite toy is his ribbon ring which is full of the rainbow colours and he loves when I sing and sign the nursery rhyme wiggly woo to him.

He absolutely adores his older siblings and he is a massive mama’s boy!

Lucas absolutely just loves life and we love living it with him.

You can follow Lucas here, Our Life Loving Lucas


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