Izzy MayesHampshire, England

Isobel or Izzy or Isobelly or Gorgeous Woman or Little Legs or Hooligan… she has many nicknames depending on what she is up to and how she is behaving!

Izzy is three years old. She loves jingle bells, Baby Club, anything that lights up (including our bed side lamp which fascinates her every bedtime), rolling, throwing toys / crisps on the floor and laughing, “kissing” Nannies dogs by letting them lick inside her mouth (????) and Jacob our cat is her BFF. ????‍♀️ ????

Izzy has had a rocky start to life and had open heart surgery in March 2019, and then a stroke and global hypoxic incident. This means Izzy’s mobility is quite far behind her peers and that she is nonverbal.

However, this Chick loves life and with the exception of being an absolute grump post afternoon nap (we call it the witching hour!) she is mostly super happy and smiley!


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