Doug McLainSanta Maria, California USA

    This is Doug McLain.
    He was born on Valentine’s Day 1948. Yes! He is 72 yrs old!
    He moved in with Mikel and Bonnie 20 yrs ago! He is their roommate and they consider themselves a “Chosen Family”
    Doug loves to work outside and do yard work. Doug has a very strong Faith in God! He has 2 Brothers and they are Pastors.
    He loves coffee, spaghetti, ice cream and chocolate cake are some of his favorite foods.
    The most favorite is McDonalds. Doug attends a day program during the week and church on the weekends. He loves his family and visits regularly. He has been all over the country with family and many vacations with Bonnie. More recently, he was able to fulfill a dream. He got to visit his favorite person, “Uncle Tammy” she lives in Maine. He had a dream of flying in an airplane to go work outside in her front yard. Doug is very healthy and is able to get around with little assistance. Doug is loved!


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