Amelia BudhiaW. Midlands, England

This is Amelia and she has recently turned 4. She’s in Reception at a mainstream school and absolutely loves it. We are very fortunate that the school are brilliant and support Amelia to thrive and develop at her own pace.

Amelia lives at home with her mummy, daddy and little brother Josh. She loves Josh dearly and the two of them are as thick as thieves and get up to lots of mischief together…!

Amelia had quite a rocky start in life. She was was in hospital for the first ten weeks of her life before her keyhole heart surgery, and was tube fed until she was almost six months old. Since then she has struggled with feeding and has Sensory Dysphagia. As she has got older and stronger her personality really shines through. She loves singing and dancing and attends a weekly gymnastics class where she has just learnt to do a forward roll!

Amelia has been fortunate enough to be included in the recent Down with Disney campaign and she is featured in a couple of videos on the BBC website Tiny Happy People, supporting families to do speech and language activities at home with no expensive resources. We also wrote a small piece for the Positive About Down Syndrome website, our feelings as parents when she was first born.


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