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T21 Hub was created in 2019.T21Hub

The initial reason of having a go to place for the Down Syndrome community with an emphasis on accessible events as I felt there were not visible specifically those for teenagers. This didn’t emerge as I was a technophobe (still am) however I did start to feel that I wasn’t aware of many articles written by parents for older children (maybe that’s because many had younger children) and the resources/articles were shared within the Down Syndrome Community but not externally.

Being part of many other communities I realised I could raise awareness of Down Syndrome if I blogged and that is the key to T21Hub at present, a place where I blog about my journey with Ellie who is now 10. We have shared truths, places where we have been and resources with a means to helping educate others about Down Syndrome.

The interview idea just happened one evening when I felt not many of our young adults were sharing their experience of life even though they were on social media. I felt this needed to change. It’s great to see a parents view but even better to hear from the individual themselves. My initial interview was with Heidi of
https://www.facebook.com/Heidi-Crowter-Living-the-Dream-473919313091896/ and we chatted about her marriage plans and then I chatted with Claire about life with Mosaic Down Syndrome her video can be seen here https://youtu.be/fJqWrs8I6iM and there are future ones planned.

Hearing from those that can I hope will inspire many parents as they have inspired me and I wish I had known these women when I had Ellie rather than be given the outdated literature I received whilst in hospital; hours after Ellie was born.

To view blogs at www.t21hub.com
Follow my daughters journey https://www.facebook.com/ElliesSecrets/


For more information or support – enquires@makingchromosomescount.co.uk

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