“Only the VULNERABLE will be at risk, your only is my EVERYTHING”

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After seeing a photo with a young man split with an elderly man with a quote,

“Only the VULNERABLE will be at risk, your only is my everything”

I thought of our children, children who may be vulnerable, so had a go at making a diptych (half and half split photo) of my daughter Hollie. The first photo was when she hadn’t long finished Chemotherapy in 2010 and the 2nd photo is a recent one.

By showing the recent photo of Hollie of how well she is now next to the one when she had Neutropenia looked absolutely amazing and the words were very powerful.

After sharing my photo on social media, many people were asking if I could make one for them using  photos of their Vulnerable children and it was a massive hit.

Watching the posts fill my social media was so meaningful. It was absolutely beautiful to see and it captured many hearts.

Instagram @hollie.rose.evans.

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