PRESS RELEASE – A Tell-All Photo/Video Campaign that Stirs more than Excitement


A much-needed campaign aims to swap the usual lens of abilities with one of love to convey the wide angle of Down syndrome. #ItsNotAllAboutAbilities #FocusOnLove

Making Chromosomes Count (MCC) are delighted to collaborate with The National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) who are the leading human rights organisation for all individuals with Down syndrome in the USA. Together, we aim at showcasing a full representation of the whole kaleidoscope that is Down syndrome when advocating for the condition or campaigning for the rights of people with Down syndrome.

Both NDSS and MCC acknowledged the current narrative needed a drastic overhaul when we read the hundreds of comments on the blog My Mistake, My Bad.

An extract from the blog,

“I had made the mistake of associating ability with worth, I was further perpetuating the longstanding perception that lack of ability therefore means less worth…I have learned since that this ability=worth narrative is extremely damaging for those with Down syndrome who really struggle in particular, as well as for the Down syndrome community as a whole.”

Indeed, the comments from individuals and families of children with additional and complex needs from within the Down syndrome community expressed heartfelt feelings of isolation due to lack of representation and exposed a huge divide:

“The problem I have found with the DS organisations is that they only want to promote the “high functioning” children because it makes Down Syndrome palatable to the general public. Children like my son are shunned in these organisations xx” – member of the DS community.

“Thank you , my daughter has quadruple diagnosis and will never live independently. It is hard , yet I love her more than life itself” – member of the DS community.

“Thank you for saying this” – member of the DS community.

“It was even harder and more hurtful to feel like an outlier/failure in the DS Community of kids where the most able are promoted as the norm than with my friends non disabled kids” – member of the DS community. 

In order to handle this discrimination issue head on, we have devised a multi-pronged approach, one that will go beyond the Down Syndrome Awareness Month:

• As a first step to close that divide, we decided to run a special edition of our magazine filled with photographs conveying love rather than abilities. The images will portray the whole kaleidoscope that is Down syndrome showcasing the beautiful but nonetheless challenging and complex journeys. Digital release date 21.03.2021. Printed copies to follow. Both will be up for sale on our website.

• We also launched a Facebook group to support this often hidden section of the Down syndrome community, a group which is growing organically with members who not only fully support this long-awaited-for initiative but any other campaigns moving forward.
• We designed social media campaign frames which will be displayed in the upcoming magazine.
• We designed Family Fact social media posters.
• We will wrap up Down Syndrome Awareness Month with a video we are busy producing, including all the family facts, 31st October 2021.


· For more information on the Making Chromosomes Count campaign, email
· For interviews & images contact Stacey Byrne on 07375 502571 or email

Here’s your complimentary copy of the latest MCC community Down syndrome magazine.


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