Brother of the Year

You’re nineteen. You’ve invested £3000 as well as eighteen months of the past three years into studying what you love the most: Sound Design for Games. You’re all set!

You’re nineteen. You’ve invested £3000 into a 3-year course (of which you’ve already done 18 months) about a subject you’re passionate about: Sound Design for Gmaes. Your all set!

At first, you laugh it off, then brush it off, or try to. Matt is relentless, though and won’t take no for an answer. Nevertheless, the dreaded seeds of doubt are planted: whether to give up your own aspirations in order to pursue someone else’s dream.

It took Rowan five months to make a decision. Five months of weighing up the pros and cons. Five months of agonising introspection.

If he was going to do this, he wanted to do it RIGHT. He wanted each video to be different, each with a theme that Matt would come up with. And it doesn’t seem like Matt is running out of ideas anytime soon. Rowan would never film Matt unless Matt wanted him to (which is a given!). He didn’t want the videos to focus on Down syndrome; he wanted them to be fun, humorous, and reflect Matt’s hilarious personality.

Rowan had a long chat with his parents, and with their full support, dropped out of his studies and took a sharp turn from his career path as well as a giant leap of faith. For this project to even have a remote chance of success over the next few years, it would have to become a full–time, unpaid job. Rowan knew what he was about to embark upon: Forty to sixty hours a week of preparation, footage and editing, in order to upload one video per week, in addition to the marketing side of things (definitely not his forte by his own admission, but working on it), promotion, phone calls and emails.

Two years on, half of Matt’s dream has materialised. Their YouTube channel is up and running and each video will leave the viewer in stitches and not necessarily for the right reasons! We can vouch that Rowan has remained true to his principles, and we love how he raises awareness of Down syndrome without even trying! We urge you to go and have a look at their labour of love and subscribe so that Matt can have the other half of his dream come true. But, beware, there may be a bit (a lot) of swearing involved (from Matt of course). If you can, leave them a message in the comments.

Rowan had never really reflected on his brother’s condition. He’d grown up with it and just took it for granted. But lately, he’s started to notice people’s stares and looks, all of which became additional seeds for a new project:

a documentary on what it means to live with Down syndrome.

It’s in its gestational stage but it will have Down syndrome at its core. On the one hand, Rowan wants to document the growth of their YouTube channel until it reaches its goal of one million followers (however long that takes) but he is also very keen to explore the various avenues of his brother’s condition and disability in general, here in the UK, in other countries, now and in the future.

You’ve guessed it, Rowan is a deep thinker, but he’s also a doer. The teaser of his documentary was featured on BBC upload (Facebook) which is how he grabbed our well-deserved attention.

Instagram: @Mattonyoutube

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