Dear readers,
Here we are, second edition in already, glowing with the warm welcome and wonderful feedback we have received following the first edition in January.
Dedicated as always to living up to our mission statement, to showcase to the world the fascinating kaleidoscope that is Down syndrome and its community”, but definitely not tunnel-visioned by the meaning of fascinating”. We mean warts and all, not just the amazing and inspiring. We mean the good, the bad and the ugly, as reflected throughout our stories.
As you leaf through this magazine, gratitude will be jumping out of the pages. Gratitude to pioneers such as Emily Perl Kingsley who paved the way for inclusion, GiGi’s Playhouse who started Down syndrome achievement centres, Zebedee who are fighting for full disability representation in the media and fashion industry; to front liners such as Special Needs Jungle and SENDIASS who help parents navigate overwhelming paperwork; to educators such as Teach Me Too on a national level and Down Syndrome International on a global level; to relatives such as siblings, grandparents, dads who never fail to protect, love and fiercely support, with a special mention to the Pinkerton family; to authors and directors who keep raising awareness and force us to have those difficult but necessary conversations; and to law disrupters such as Heidi Crowter.

Film & Book reviews with My Feral Heart & The Unexpected Journey

A few other emotions are bound to hit you as well: outrage with Hazel’s and Cali’s diagnostic overshadowing stories; wonder with Down Syndrome Diary, and Oliver’s and Kathleen’s achievements; sadness with Tommy Pilling’s passing; and laughter with some home truths about Zoom schooling…

And as you’ve gone through it all, you will come to one realisation: There is still so much to do, so much to expose, so much to rejoice about. And we’ll be right here, shouting it all from the rooftops of MCC!

Enjoy this issue, enjoy the summer, and see you in September – Editor in Chief – Denise Humberstone 


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