What’s On? – Down Syndrome International (DSi) Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day 2021

World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) is on its way. Celebrated on the 21st day of March to honour and share our love for those living with Down syndrome and to create awareness for others. March 21st (21/3) was chosen as the day to signify the uniqueness of the triplication of the 21st chromosome.

Individuals with Down syndrome all have an extra copy, or part of an extra copy, of chromosome 21 in their genetic blueprint (which is why Down syndrome is also known as Trisomy 21). They have 3 copies of chromosome 21 as opposed to 2 in the mainstream population. Hence the reason why 21st March (21/3) was deemed a perfect fit to raise awareness each year. This year’s date, 21.03.21, is especially important to the Down syndrome community.

For World Down Syndrome Day 2021, Down Syndrome International focuses on the theme “CONNECT” hosting many events to mark the day and coming weeks.

Following the declaration of 21 March as World Down Syndrome Day by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2012, DSi organises the WDSD Conference at United Nations HQ in New York, United States and a side event at UN Geneva, Switzerland.

FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 2021

The WDSD @ UN Virtual Conference. Click here to find out more.

Event hosted by Down Syndrome International (DSi).

Free to join, wherever you are.

Speakers will include people with Down syndrome, supporters and advocates, government and UN officials and non-governmental organisation (NGO) representatives with professional experience and expertise.

Discussion will focus on key areas of the theme “Connect”


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us, individuals and organisations, to adapt the ways that we connect and communicate with each other. It has been a huge challenge and many people, particularly those with disabilities, have been left behind. It is important to find new ways of connecting that are accessible to everyone. For WDSD 2021 we want to focus on improving connections to ensure that all people with Down syndrome can CONNECT and participate on an equal basis with others, said DSi.

1/Reflect on the need to ensure that people with Down syndrome are not left behind through lack of opportunities to connect and participate in key areas of life.

2/Explore the work being done to improve connections now and into the future.

3/Empower persons with Down syndrome, their families and advocates to ensure equal rights in this context and to reach out to key stakeholders to bring about positive change.

FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 2021

The WDSD @ UN virtual side event. Click here to find out more.

The session will be led by people with Down syndrome and will include contributions from DSi sponsors.
Discussion will also be on the theme “CONNECT”.


#21DayChallenge for WDSD. Click here to find out more. Offering a step-by-step guide.

21 days to change the world. Are you up for the challenge? Join us and

together we will make a difference, said DSi.

This one is a fundraiser benefitting Down Syndrome International. Choose a challenge which you will do for 21 days from 1st to 21st March.

SUNDAY, MARCH 21, 2021

 #LotsOfSocks 2021. Click here to find out more.

Wear your boldest socks on 21st March and help raise awareness.

United Nations,

We want to get the world talking about World Down Syndrome Day! How can you help? By wearing lots of socks! But not just any socks… wear brightly coloured socks, long socks, printed socks, 1 sock, even 3 socks for 3 chromosomes. If you do not normally wear socks, wear them! Wear them at home, nursery, school, college, university, work, play, travel, on holiday, wherever you are on 21 March!

By purchasing these socks you are helping to change the world!

Buy official #LotsOfSocks socks. Click here.

All funds raised from the sales of these socks go to Down Syndrome International to help fund their work improving quality of life for people with Down syndrome around the world.


World Down Syndrome Day 2021. Click here to find out more.

We will be sharing stories of people with Down syndrome from around the globe. Facts about Down syndrome. The challenges people with Down syndrome face in everyday life. Lots of lovely content to be shared far and wide.


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