Launching First of its Kind Magazine About Down Syndrome, Nationwide!

Launching the first of its kind and much anticipated, an all- encompassing magazine about Down syndrome, nationwide!


Charity Making Chromosomes Count (MCC) is extremely proud to launch the first issue of their much-anticipated magazine. An independent, forward-thinking and non-partisan publication that goes way beyond educating and raising awareness about Down syndrome. Living up to the charity’s mission statement,

To showcase to the world the fascinating kaleidoscope that is Down syndrome and its community,

it provides a genuine and non-judgemental hub of information from a wide spectrum of contributors: medical professionals, Down syndrome-related organisations and also from the community itself by featuring ground-breaking stories highlighting campaigns, achievements and challenges of individuals with the condition, be it in the educational, health or even arts and leisure spheres.

Inserts, Organisation flyers.

Its aim is to reach and update not only families-to-be, new families and seasoned families but also all bodies that intrinsically influence, one way or the other, the perceptions of the condition upon the population at large: healthcare professionals, educators, public sector workers and even Members of Parliament. Complimentary copies of the magazine will be distributed nationwide to select hospitals/support groups/schools and will be available for purchase and subscription on the charity’s website:

Ever since becoming a #LuckyFew mum over six years ago, I’ve had a vision for an all-encompassing platform about Down syndrome, where parents and relevant professionals could easily find whatever resources they were after, whatever the age group of their child, whatever the topic, and especially where their voice would be echoed, said Stacey Byrne. 

Co-Founder, Stacey Byrne.

A labour of love put together by an eclectic group of women from around the world, directly or indirectly impacted by Down syndrome, all on a volunteer basis and all passionate about bringing the community together and presenting it to the mainstream population warts and all.


Notes to editor: The charity came to life a year ago after Stacey Byrne, the driving force and mother of four, found sourcing and navigating through all the information about Down syndrome extremely time-consuming, daunting and confusing. She dreamed up a platform where most information could be readily available at a press of a button. She teamed up with the creative force, American-based graphic designer and a huge fan of people with Down syndrome, Sandy Nasonte, to create and found Making Chromosomes Count. Within just 11 months, their partnership started with a simple four-page newsletter, the concept of which immediately garnered the support of the community, evolved to become a successful and professionally run website, expanded with a popular presence on all social media platforms, and grew to become a 10-member strong international team who published the first issue of their glossy magazine and are currently working on the
second. There’s no stopping them!

#MCCAmbassador Evan.


Why not check out ‘Making Chromosomes Count‘ Down syndrome awareness magazine right HERE.
Magazine cost £3.50 each plus postage.
A yearly subscription (3 issues) will be £10 per year, plus postage.
For bulk orders or to see whether you qualify for complimentary copies, please go to
For overseas please email for postage quotation.
To donate: Donate – Making Chromosomes Count
To submit your stories or news please head to ‘Submit article’ through the MCC website.
Facebook: @MakingChromosomesCount  Twitter: @ChromosomesNews  Instagram:  LinkedIn: company/makingchromosomescount

#MCCAmbassadors are open for interviews, more information and extra images on request to MCC.






Press contact:

Stacey Byrne – Co-founder, – 07375 502571
Denise Humberstone – Editor-in-Chief, – 07515631632
Sarah Mayes – Media management, – 07799675822


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