‘Bloody Awesome Parent’ Swept up for the Second Year Running in the ‘Wellbeing’ Category.

My family, Our Needs is for Parents and carers supporting children and young people with additional needs. The BAPSs (Bloody Awesome Parents) Awards allows Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) bloggers to be recognised for their talents. The pandemic did not stop them and on Wednesday 4th November this year everyone joined a virtual event on YouTube.

This year saw a fabulous line up including very worthy winners. Coraline and Us  swept up an award for the second year running, in the ‘Wellbeing’ category.


We have a beautiful, captivating and adored baby daughter called Coraline. Born 7 August 2017, we discovered unexpectedly within hours, that she has Down’s Syndrome and two holes in the heart.  We did not know anything about Down’s Syndrome when she was born. This blog is about our journey of growth.

This award celebrates those bloggers who write about health and wellbeing of their child or themselves.  Sharing tips, advice, or just their experience in the hope of helping others.

Liz, mum of Coraline, blogs about her family life…

To show that everything in life comes back to love, and each post reflects our values. Our idea is to share some of the positive life wisdom we have gained from others as we write (both before and after Coraline was born). So, whilst the blog is about Coraline, it is also about this.

Making Chromosomes Count caught up with blog owner Coraline and US and this is what she had to say,

“I am beyond excited to have won the “Wellbeing” Category at the BAPS SEND Blogging Awards 2020 for parents and carers of children with additional needs. We watched it as a virtual ceremony on YouTube this year. It is amazing to be in the company of the other fabulous winners, finalists and nominees.

I began blogging when Coraline was four days old at the hospital! It was my instinct to write. I believe you have to trust your intuition. I knew that we were going to learn so very much, and I wrote it for friends; I felt that they might wish to learn as we were learning, and for us, in turn, to learn from them. Friends loved it! They told me to expand it. That took some courage, but I made it public a couple of months later!

The style in which I write it is that it’s just about us. That’s why it’s called Coraline and Us. It’s about how Coraline is shaping Kevin and me as we learn life’s lessons through her (of joy, patience, faith and so on) and of how we are shaping her as her parents through our attitude. It’s about her development and our development. My purpose was clear early on too, “write the Blog I wanted to read when Coraline was born”. As a new parent of a child with Down’s syndrome, if I hand you my blog to read, I am handing you hope, but not just hope; love, happiness, growth and expectancy for an amazing life before you. To reach that life, there are the stepping stones of “acceptance” and “not comparing” but, through reading my blog, you know that’s where you are headed for sure. That’s what I wanted to read.

How amazing to be stood here now and to have won the “Wellbeing” Category a second year in a row. It’s truly wonderful, as I know all the feeling that has gone into it. All this growing and developing I’ve been doing has taught me to listen to what you really want to do, and go out and do it! And to be yourself when you do it.

My blog will be different to anyone else’s blog but the beauty is, they are all wonderful and that is because of the authentic feeling and voice of the person behind it, expressing themself as themself, and that’s what gives the post you are reading its energy. It’s the energy of the person behind it. Being yourself. That’s when everything flows. The next steps for me are writing my book (which I am currently doing!) and starting a podcast next year. For a long time, I would have thought, “No way, I don’t know how” but I have some amazing goals coaches and they say, “you don’t need to know the how, you just need to have the goal and begin towards it, the how will come”. I can actually see these two things happening now.

I have a living embodiment of that in my husband Kevin. Kevin had been making natural organic soap as a hobby with a friend and we used it for Coraline from when she was born in 2017, as he was passionate about us using natural products for her, coupled with the fact she had sensitive skin. He felt that what you put on your skin is just as important as what you eat in terms of the body’s health. He used to be a chef. Fast forward to February 2020 and he had set up Coraleen, Organic Natural Skincare and it also launched on Not on the High Street last month.

So that’s what we say to Coraline: “be yourself, and go for it”.

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Blog: www.coralineandus.com
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Instagram: https://instagram.com/coraline_and_us @coraline_and_us

For a full list of this year’s finalists and links to their blogs, you can find the info right here. Trust us, they are all worth a look.

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