Hand Picked for ‘Down with Disney’ Campaign

7 year old Connie, from Leeds was hand picked from an inspiring crowd of candidates on social media for Down with Disney Campaign for 2020.


Nicole Louise, who is a baby and special needs photographer, launched the Down Right Beautiful campaign in 2018 to try and shift the way people with Down syndrome are perceived. Her campaign included 32 babies, children, teens, and young adults with Down syndrome along with their stories as told by their parents. It proved so successful that she followed up with her Down with Disney in 2019, also a huge success.



Then came Down with Disney 2020. Having been selected to be part of that campaign, a little girl called Connie and her mum hit the road on one of the hottest of days of the year in August and travelled to Nicole Louise Photography in Solihull, Birmingham to attend the photoshoot which would produce images to be released throughout the month of October, Down syndrome awareness month.

Connie loves dressing up and having her photograph taken, so this was right up her street. A real-life princess for the day.

Connie was given the character Aurora and Connie’s mum said “that was the perfect choice, her beautiful hair and gorgeous eyes”

Connie models for the likes of Peekaboo and Little Betty’s boutique and has contributed to many other Down syndrome awareness campaigns throughout her short life. Modelling since the age of 2y, “Connie is not shy of the camera,” says mum.

July 2019, Julie and Peter, Connie’s parents married, in Morley, Leeds. Connie jumped at the chance to become a princess for the day once again. Connie’s parents were delighted to have Connie by their side as their very own flower girl along with Leah (26) Connie’s cousin as Maid of Honour, to witness their very special day. The theme of the day were the colours that represent Down syndrome, blue and yellow, and worn by the wedding party and guests.


It was amazing. It just made it all perfect. She loved every minute of it. She often talks about our wedding still today.

Connie was born in October 2013, 8 weeks early and weighing 3lb 7oz, diagnosed with Down syndrome at 2 weeks old. Julie and Peter knew there would be a high chance Connie could be born with Down syndrome following the combined screening for Down syndrome at 12 weeks gestation and when Connie was born mother Julie “knew as soon as she saw her”. The new parents had a positive experience on receiving Connie’s diagnosis and said, “the professionals at St James Hospital in Leeds were fantastic and delivered the news without any negativity attached.”


Having Connie in our lives has brought our family closer together. She has enriched all of our lives, taught us so much. The love she brings is unbelievable, she can light up a room. As a family we have made so many new friends from all over the world. Having Connie in our lives has been the best thing we could have ever wished for.

Julie has a message for new and expectant parents,

I was scared of the unknown but everything was just fine”


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I follow Nicole Louise Photography on social media after seeing her first Down with Disney photographer campaign, so when I saw that she was doing a new one, I immediately put Connie’s name forward. Connie was given the character Aurora and I think that was the perfect choice.

We’ve had lots of very positive feedback about this campaign, it’s so beautifully done.

My advice for any new parents is “Everything will be just fine”

Credit: Nicole Louise Photography


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