No doubt, we will have to make do, and make do we will, together, healthy.

Ornella – 11 years old

Living in a Covid-19 high-risk city meant that we’ve had to shield earlier than the rest of the country, since March 9th actually, quite a long time really.

Logistics were a bit chaotic at first but things fell into place rather quickly, considering!  I was lucky to be able to work from home and Emma, Ornella’s sister aged 16, had her virtual school lessons organised in no time.

For the first few weeks, Ornella took everything in her stride and really enjoyed it.  I made her a timetable to give some structure to her days and week, which helped her a lot.  One of the great positives about being in lockdown is that you don’t have to rush anywhere and so, I was able to give her time to try and complete tasks that I would have normally ended up doing myself, pressed by time.  And what I found is that she is so much more independent than I believed she was!  She seems to have found a passion for cooking, and it turns out she’s really good at it!

As far as schooling is concerned, her teacher has kept in touch regularly, either to just say hello (which is essential for Ornella), or to guide me as to how I could tackle a new lesson.  We’ve tried our best, as patience is key with Ornella.  I just had to hit and miss until I found the time slots where she was most cooperative and readjust the timetable accordingly!

As shielding carries on, she is not doing as well as at the beginning.  The other day, she woke up and said “ mum, I dreamt the virus was gone and I could hug again!”… Clearly, she misses her relatives and finds FaceTime calls not satisfying enough anymore.  At least she can see her Nan through the kitchen window every day.

All her therapies had been postponed and although we could start going again to some of them, we choose not too.  You see, where we live, the Covid19 is still very much a threat and we fear the end of lockdown more than we fear lockdown itself!  The thing is, hospitals are completely full and many medical professionals have had to make difficult decisions as to who would be able to access treatment.

“No doubt, we will have to make do, and make do we will, together, healthy”

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