Our Experience of Covid in Rome

Hi, I’m Francesca, mother of a 2-year-old girl called Mia, with Down Syndrome.

In Italy, Covid–19 claimed many victims, and for 48 hours I was afraid that my daughter might be one of them.

I was hospitalised for severe respiratory failure and doctors immediately thought I could have Covid–19 and I was placed in solitary confinement for 48 very long hours, waiting for Corona test results.

While I was in solitary confinement, my only thought was to be positive, hoping I hadn’t infected my little girl. Fortunately, the test results came back negative and I was discharged 17 days later.

For the following 2 weeks though, I was terrified I might have caught Covid–19 during my stay at the hospital.

Our children’s immune system is much weaker than that of other children’s and, us moms, we would like to have the ability to protect them from everything.

Covid19 is just one of the many obstacles that our children might face in life, all we can do is hope to always have the strength to stand by them with a smile printed on our face.

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