Liverpool Life In Lockdown

Liverpool family The Rooney’s have had a eventful Lockdown experience so far.
Mum Vikki, a midwife, was 38 weeks pregnant when Boris Johnson announced that life as we know it would change dramatically. Having to remain at home with Husband Ste and their two children Izzy and Lenny as well as Milo – the family pet French Bulldog – whilst heavily pregnant with baby number three meant a big change to the family dynamics.
Ste was now at home round the clock and Izzy, who is five years old would require home schooling. Vikki worried how the family would balance all of that with a newborn and toddler – Lenny turned 2 on 3rd April.
Life pre-lockdown had been busy with both Vikki and Ste working, Izzy at school and Lenny at nursery. Vikki says “Our life was pretty non stop, after work it was tea, bath, bed and… relax”. Weekends were reserved for shopping and visiting family. With a new baby on the way, Vikki was looking forward to celebrating the arrival with her family and friends.
On 28th March at 10:48pm little Nell came splashing into the world weighing 5lbs 15oz. Literally splashing as Vikki was able to have the home birth she had planned in a birthing pool. Vikki was well supported by 3 of her midwife friends and although painful, the arrival of another baby girl made the labour worth every moment.
Having a baby is emotional enough but imagine not being able to share that joy with your nearest and dearest? A few days after Nell arrived, Grandad Dennis came to deliver cards full of congratulations… he met his grandaughter for the first time through the clear glass of a window. A similar meeting with Nanny happened in the days that followed. Vikki felt the disconnection of these meetings keenly and broke down in tears. This was not what she had planned. The family had all gathered together for the arrival of Izzy and then Lenny. Cuddles were had and gifts bestowed. Nell was not as lucky as her siblings and Vikki was disappointed that her plans to celebrate her daughter would not come to fruition.
Vikki also lamented about the changes to her daytoday life. The double buggy, lovingly picked out for both Lenny and Nell to use, was now only used for a weekly visit to some local gardens. There were no shopping trips with the children and Vikki’s Mum, and even the challenge of bundling three children in a car for an afternoon visit to her aunts was missed.
Just like many other families, the Rooneys have adapted to lockdown. The day after Nell was born, the family tucked in to a takeaway meal to celebrate. And of course there have been many video calls to keep in touch with family. However, Vikki does confess that “…work feels easy compared to life at home in lockdown…” What with three children and living in each other’s pockets, it has been pretty hectic. But Vikki can reflect on the positives. Lockdown has given the family the gift of time together. They have baked, played and homeschooled together.
And of course, both Izzy and Lenny have a new baby Sister to get to know. Vikki admits she was nervous as to how Lenny would respond to no longer being the baby of the family. But her worries were totally unfounded: “Lenny wasn’t fazed by her arrival one bit. He gave her the odd kiss and the occasional slap on the head, after a week he was holding his arms out to cuddle her.”
The family have found other ways to not only entertain themselves but others across TV and social media. The angle of a midwife having a baby in lockdown gained attention from SKY News who came to the front door and interviewed the family. Local news also picked up the story.
Not only that but the family featured on the One World: Together At Home concert during Ellie Gouldings rendition of Your Song.
Their son Lenny, who happens to have Down Syndrome, is a model with agency Zebedee. He has been making waves during lockdown. With his own TikTok account – Lenny Rocks – Vikki uploads videos of Lenny dancing his way through lockdown and he now has over 10,000 followers with one video having had halfamillion views!
Not to be outdone by her big Brother, baby Nell has also had a staring role in The Baby Club at home series, an experience that Vikki describes as amazing!
So lockdown life has been a complete whirlwind for The Rooneys from Liverpool, and whilst they are making the most of their time together, they are also eagerly looking forward to the day they can cuddle those loved ones they miss so dearly.
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