Hi there! I’m Vicki , I’m 31 years old and have two children , Harry 7 years old and Freya 3 years old, with my husband Darren.

Freya has Down syndrome. We didn’t know about her having it right up until I had given birth to her. About an hour or so later Darren noticed her facial features and made the midwives aware! Before then my pregnancy wasn’t very enjoyable.  I was so ill with sickness, SPD and with other symptoms/signs.  It should have flagged up that something was going on.


I won’t lie and sugarcoat it, it was a MASSIVE shock to us both. A very surreal moment like ‘how is this happening?!’ kind of thing. We had a million questions to ask.  We felt grief for the child we didn’t have because we were not expecting her to have Down syndrome.  We felt angry because nothing was spotted during my pregnancy and I had had a lot of scans. Freya had two holes in her heart which, later on, she was operated on to repair.  So, a massive question – why were they not spotted?  We had a room full of doctors and health care professionals asking these questions after she was whisked away to neonatal. We hadn’t a clue and were so in shock! I would cry at random times of the day and think ‘why me?’

She has been in and out of hospital for about half her life already because of heart /chest issues. She has been tube-fed since birth due to feeding issues. It felt like a constant battle to juggle life with having Harry to think of too! When Freya had her major heart surgery it went well but then she decided to pull out her NG tube and send herself into a cardiac arrest, which luckily a nurse was quick to get on her and call for help. So, she is just such a lucky, strong little girl.

No, it hasn’t been easy, but I tell you what, it has been soooo worth it.  The tears, the laughs, the people we have met/ spoke to, the support network and nurses who have cared for Freya.

Life for us has changed but it has changed for the better! Along the way, we have learnt a lot too! We still do stuff with her like you would any other baby, Down Syndrome doesn’t stop you enjoying those baby moments, in fact it keeps them on hold for you to enjoy that little bit longer.

I am a strong believer in that everything happens for a reason, and I believe Freya is here to pull me out of my comfort zone (annoyingly, I suffer with anxiety).  Freya has brought me out my shell and I brave situations I would have just put off before. This is why she is here with me as her Mummy ❤️

Now she is just this cheekiest, sassiest and funniest little thing ever! She has such a beautiful personality shining through. When she smiles, her whole face smiles.

I used to look at her and just see Down syndrome and worry for our future and what it held for us. I think WHY?! … Now? I just see Freya , she is awesome and has taught us strengths and she will go far in life. She has no limits.


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