#WCAT Book – True stories of positive lived experience

The book seeks to portray the true stories of positive, lived experiences typical of the majority of real people with down syndrome and their families.

It is brought to you courtesy of #WouldntChangeAThing – a parent-led organisation that exists to correct negative, outdated perceptions of the capabilities and quality of life of people with Down Syndrome and their families in present day. The pages have been wonderfully arranged with thanks to Stephanie Rodden of Celebrate T21, Australia (facebook.com/celebratet21)

These negative, outdated perceptions are the fundamental cause of fear-of-the-future that impacts new parents receiving unexpected news of an extra chromosome. It inhibits them from doing what they want to be doing – living in the moment, enjoying the journey and the arrival of the gift of their new baby.
#WouldntChangeAThing (or #wcat for short) was sparked by the success of the fun WDSD project “50 mums | 50 Kids | 1 Extra Chromosome” which became an international phenomenon, making national news in over 30 countries. The thousands of messages that poured in describing real, tangible change in those who say it demonstrated to us that changing the world might actually be possible in the hands of a small group of tena cious parents with effective use of digital tools.

Jacqui Hicklin, a Trustee from Wouldn’t Change A Thing said, “This is absolutely the book that I wished I had received when my daughter Sienna was born.” Jacqui went on to say that in the early days, she felt great reassurance in reading about inspirational people who have Down syndrome, “it reduced my fear of the future”.

“Sienna Meets World” is a page set up by Jacqui after Sienna was born to raise awareness not only surrounding Down syndrome but also Hirschsprung’s Disease. Jacqui told us that in her experience there was a huge lack of awareness surrounding Hirschsprung’s Disease so decided to share an honest account of Sienna’s journey. To create a platform to support others, to help people understand a little more about the disease, how it may affect people but equally to show other parents/people with Hirschsprung’s disease that they are not alone.
Please visit to follow her journey.




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