Brothers in Isolation

Isolation for Matt -17 – and his family hasn’t been too difficult. They are not the most outgoing family, which has probably helped, but Matt’s biggest problem is wanting to go back to school. He really misses it, so Rowan (his brother, 23) and his mum have been acting as substitute teachers. Although it’s nothing like the real thing, he’s having fun.

Being trapped inside has left Matt and Rowan a lot of free time to film for their youTube channel. They’ve been filming more videos than they’ve had time to edit… keeping Matt amused is a task in itself, although it’s not like Rowan is complaining.

Matt is still dead set on keeping his routine when he’s awake. Emphasis on WHEN he’s awake… Several times it’s been midday before he’s managed to get out of bed and Rowan recently caught him sneaking back into bed hours after they originally got him into bed!!

So many exciting things on the horizon.



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