You are Enough

BEFORE I START … this isn’t a declaration of “woe is me” nor is it some sort of public confirmation of my ability as a parent… it’s just a gentle reminder …

I’ve been sent the most beautiful messages over the last six weeks and I’ve received the loveliest of comments telling me what a good job I’m doing. . . But honestly? To be completely transparent with you all . . . Shielding is brutal. Absolutely brutal.


The same four walls with 4 little humans with significant and complex individual needs is absolutely physically and emotionally draining. Unregulated, out of routine, not sleeping. No one leaves this house. No one enters. It is lock in and lock out until further notice and despite the fact it is 100% the right thing to do for our family’s protection, it’s hard.

Four-hour sleeps is hard. Meeting medical, emotional, physical, sensory, regulatory needs for each of them as individuals is hard. Therapy is hard, educating is hard, structure is hard. . But strip all that back to simply the fact that we are parenting children, as themselves first and foremost, through a pandemic ? And guess what? It’s still  hard!

Elodie 4y

Whether you’re a parent of a typical child or of a SEN child, I see you. If you feel like you did nothing but love your child today – Even if you’re angry and frustrated and worried and scared and don’t have any of the answers they might need and even if you’re desperately hurting for their little hearts that No! They can’t see Nanny and Grandpa or their friends or their teachers and No! nobody is coming to their birthday party and whether they fully understand that or not – I 100% promise you that you’re doing enough. That You are Enough. If you’re needing to work, for what ever reason, and coming home and Still being that parent I absolutely bloody salute you.

Hang on in there Parents and Carers. You are enough. I promise x x x

Love, Amy ???? Mummy to Elodie aged 4.7, who has Down syndrome with complex secondary diagnosis.




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