Life during Isolation

I’m Alishia, I am 24 and a mum of three: Amelia is six, Charlie is almost 4 and Faye, my one with the little extra, is almost 2. My partner is Luke, who fortunately can work from home. We are from County Durham in the North-East of England.


Alishia & Fay

Faye & her siblings

We are used to a very busy life, filled with hospital appointments and home visits for Faye as she has a few medical complications including CHD,  a significant visual impairment and is fully tube-fed. Our life has changed drastically, now we are at home all day every day and I am trying to balance Faye’s care and giving my older two enough attention.

I would be lying if I said isolation has been easy for us; we are at home with three children out of their routine and away from the people they love.

On week two of isolation we officially received confirmation that Faye was on the extremely-vulnerable list. Although this was expected, it was still a very hard pill to swallow that we would have to be in isolation for twelve weeks.

The days went on and even more unfolded: all of Faye’s appointments and upcoming surgeries had to be cancelled. That included her vital therapies that we rely on for her development, everything in Faye’s care has been sacrificed and we don’t know when they will start again. They weren’t wrong when they said the vulnerable and disabled would suffer the most, this has had a knock-on effect for every service in the NHS.

Everything is very uncertain and my mental health has taken a hit because I am missing my family and support network whom I usually see daily and now all we have is video calls.


My wish when all of this is over, is for people to realise how difficult it is on a daily basis for a family with a medically-fragile child. I have spent the last twenty-two months isolating and protecting Faye from illnesses, so much so that I have developed severe health anxiety. I really hope this will be over soon and that Faye’s care starts up again during Summer and that she can start here a specialist nursery in September. In the meantime, we will continue to have lots of fun with arts and crafts, baking, watching movies and playing in the garden. I hope everyone stays safe.

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