Lockdown Heidi Style

“I’m loving lockdown”

I normally live on my own, but because of lockdown I have come to the family home with Mum and Dad.  I don’t see it as lockdown but family time! We play lots of games, have family Zoom chats with my siblings, and nephew, and play games on Zoom.

At 11.00 and 3.00 most days I host my own Facebook live sessions. I do story time and toddler singing, Songs of Praise, film Quiz and Zumba! I love it and hope it cheers people up.

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On Saturday it was supposed to be my hen do but it got postponed so my sister and Mum arranged a secret virtual hen do! Over 40 people joined a Zoom party, we all had a drink and had a toast! We danced, sang and played Mr and Mrs questions.

Mum and dad decorated the room and got me a veil, badge and sash! Also, over 150 people sent videos, messages and photos for me to watch. It was the best hen do ever! I don’t know whether my wedding will happen on the 4th July but we will wait and see.


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