Parents Join Forces to Support the Down Syndrome Community

In 2002 my son, Dan, was born.

He has Down’s Syndrome. He is the life and soul of our family, supporting his local football team and Liverpool FC, taking a couple of trips to Anfield which he really enjoyed.

I designed an image to raise awareness of World Down’s Syndrome Day – 21st March, this was mainly for social media use. The day after I posted the image I had contact from Michelle Clark, who also has a child with Down’s Syndrome, and registered her business domain, Badgetastic, just 24 hours earlier. She contacted me, asking if the image could be used to go on a badge, to raise awareness of World Down’s Syndrome Day.

Last year Badgetastic sent out 11,440 badges, so know there was opportunity to raise that much in Pounds in the UK. This year, they have a little band of volunteers dubbed ‘the badge brigade’ that help to create the badges enabling them to sell them without labour cost to the charities and causes in the DS community.

The idea was created so that many charities and causes had a great opportunity to raise funds (by means of a donation for each badge) with very little outlay in both finance and time. In the last few years we noticed speech regression, and now has a dual-diagnosis of Autism, This speech regression can be very frustrating for him, which is why I decidedly to take to social media to advocate on his behalf.

Michelle and myself are both very proud of the badges, knowing they are both fundraising for worthwhile causes, and raising vital awareness of Down’s Syndrome on World Down’s Syndrome Day.


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