A Sister’s Insight to Having a Sibling with Down Syndrome

They say people with down syndrome are one in a million, well there not wrong because they bring you a completely different type of joy and laughter that no one else can.

My youngest brother Keldan has down syndrome and we found out after he was born. This didn’t stop me loving him any less than I love my other brothers. This didn’t make me not want that bond with him just like I have with the other too. No. Keldan is growing up just like any other child is and is mastering life the way he can.

It may take him longer to learn then the “typical” child can learn, but really is there a thing as a “typical” child. From my opinion I am over the moon to have Keldan in my life, although my two other brothers amaze me every day with the new things they have learnt, it is a massive milestone and accomplishment when Keldan learns something.

When you get told by medical professionals that your son/brother

Might not be able to eat by himself, walk by himself or even talk,

it makes you take that step back. But that doesn’t mean you give up for them reasons.

My brother started an amazing journey with Portage they help with signing Makaton and teaching him everyday tasks and it has truly helped in every way; he is learning new things every time. Mum Dad and myself  have encourage this even further by learning ourselves how to sign Makaton and daily we use this and he has picked it up so much and it makes communicating so much easier for him as we understand him. Yes, there are times that are hard for example before Keldan started learning Makaton we didn’t know what he wanted so we couldn’t help his every need. But it is no different to a “typical” child that can not speak they will have a tantrum.

Keldan did have an attachment problem to my mum and dad which sometimes did make it hard for when I had them as he sometimes wouldn’t settle but you find ways to overcome. But we have so many amazing memories together and each day he will surprise you with something new like his interest in music and the different dance moves he has to each genre or going from taking one or two steps and falling, to being able to walk 8 to 9 steps to a object to hold on too it all makes him who he is.

You will notice throughout my statement that the word “typical” is used a lot that’s because sociality compares all the time. There is no “typical” child each child is different in many ways and they are unique to themselves.

You only read about the bad things online and people jump ahead of the gun, they say they won’t be able to deal with a child with down syndrome. You never hear the stories from someone that does have a family member with down syndrome, and I can say with my hand on my heart, it is the best roller coaster of your life. We never look to far ahead because what’s the point! its better to focus on the present and work forward.

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