Makaton with Lucinda


Lucinda and I were part of the 50 mums|50 Kids|1 Extra Chromosome awareness video. The video was a huge success, way more than any of us could have hoped for – and all of a sudden people all over the world were talking more about Down syndrome, and were becoming interested in, and more aware of Makaton.

I thought it would be amazing to carry on the momentum that had been built by showing people how amazing Lucinda is, how amazing Makaton is and continue to raise awareness. Our page shows a real family using it – if we can, anyone can! It’s chaos in places, funny at times & very home made – I like to keep it real! I’m not a tutor, but I would love to be one day.

We have been doing our page, Makaton with Lucinda,  for just over a year now. During this time we have achieved some amazing feedback – parents saying that since following us they have started signing with their child, families saying they all watch our signing together whilst eating their breakfast and all join in!

I’ve had people say that they’ve become so interested since following that they’ve signed up to Makaton courses, some are showing our page to their work & schools – places are becoming more inclusive! Some people have said that seeing Lucinda’s clips are the highlight of their day!

On a more personal level – the highlight for me is having her communication journey recorded in video clips that I can keep forever. I’ve loved seeing how she has grown in the last year – her signing has come on, her speech is developing, her confidence has grown, and her magical personality shines through more and more with each clip.

I would love it if our page can continue to inspire other families, and Lucinda can continue to show people sign by sign, day by day just how amazing she really is!!!!


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