Amazon Enrages Down’s Syndrome Community

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Two mothers, both of whom have children with Down’s Syndrome, have raised concerns over a discriminatory product found for sale on Amazon. Caroline Wylde discovered the t-shirt for sale with the slogan ‘Let’s Make Down’s Syndrome Extinct’ on Amazon UK. She immediately raised a complaint with the company, but had no response. As a result, Caroline contacted the press in order to attempt to get Amazon to remove the offensive product. The article was well received by the mainstream media and featured in a number of newspapers.
The t-shirt itself features a slogan that is discriminatory and could be seen as threatening by members of the Down’s Syndrome community. Caroline stated ‘It has brought so much hurt. Is this not classified as a hate crime? If we had put that up about an entire race, it would be classed as racism and hate speech.’ Rachel commented that she wondered ‘how many people had bought the t-shirt already and feared for the detrimental impact on people with Down’s Syndrome should they see someone wearing it.’
In the run up to World Down Syndrome Day, many families will be searching Amazon to find items of clothing to wear for the awareness day. It would be incredibly damaging for members of the Down’s Syndrome community to stumble across this horrific product.

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